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    Product Size: S - XXL                   S:55 - 72cm                   M:68 - 84cm                    L:81 - 97cm                  XL:93 - 110cm                XXL:106 - 122cm   Product description:1. Breathable belt provides strong pressure protection effect on the waist, both sweat and heat discharge function during exercise, with the outer belt can...

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    Product Size: S / M - L / XL                       S:66 - 91cm                  M - L:91 - 107cm                      XL:114 - 132cm   Product description:1. The patented abdominal belt can provide proper pressure and protection for the abdomen to avoid the pain caused by excessive muscle pulling during the activity.2. The pressure of the columnar...

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    Product Size: S - XXL S: 55 - 72cmM: 68 - 84cmL: 81 - 97cmXL: 93 - 110cmXXL: 106 - 122cm Product Description:1. The outer strap can produce three-point support effect and improve the stability of the trunk.2. The back four aluminum support bars are designed according to the curvature of the human body, so that the back muscles and the weakened spine can...

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