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  • HKD $490

    Product Size: 68.3(cm)Length, 61.5(cm)Width, 81(cm)HeightNet Weight: 7.96KGWeight Capacity: 136KG   Product Description:1. Surface anodizing.2. Aluminum alloy pipe, light and durable.3. Easy to carry, save space for storage.4. Handrails with a smooth EVA foam.5. Handrail height is adjustable.6. With cloth bag and white dinner plate.7. 6 inch PVC wheels.

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  • HKD $1,380

    Product Size: 92(cm)Height, 46(cm)Backrest Height, 30(cm)Backrest Width, 25(cm)Backrest Depth Net Weight: 5KG Weight Capacity: 80KG   Product Description: 1. The shopping cart frame is 7003 aerospace titanium alloy, which is lighter than the general aluminum alloy frame. 2. The shopping cart is foldable, lightweight and portable. 3. The shopping cart...

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  • HKD $1,600

    Product Size:52(cm)Length,40(cm)Width,82 - 94(cm)Adjustable handrail,31(cm)Backrest Width,21(cm)Backrest Depth,45(cm)Backrest HeightNet Weight: 3.9KGWeight Capacity: 100KG   Product Description:1. Simple operation of the mini shopping cart.2. The body is made of aluminum frame and paint grip.3. The front wheel has three functions.4. Fixed straight-line...

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  • HKD $2,163

    Product Size:59.5(cm)Lenght,47(cm)Width,82.5 - 86.5(cm)Adjustable Handrail Height,27.5(cm)Backrest Width,24(cm)Backrest Depth,46(cm)Backrest HeightNet Weight: 4.9KGWeight Capacity: 80KG   Product Description:1. The body is made of an aluminum frame.2. One-button button for easy seat switching.3. The front wheel has a diameter of 13cm and the rear wheel is...

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  • HKD $3,580

    Product Size: 88 - 93.5(cm)Height, 55(cm)Length, 49(cm)Width, 32(cm)Seat Width, 22.5(cm)Seat Depth, 49(cm)Seat Height, 30(cm)Depth after folding Net Weight: 5.5kg Weight Capacity: 80kg Volume: 40L   Product Description: 1. Aluminum alloy body, light and durable. 2. Multi-section armrest height adjustment. 3. It has a safe and trivial crossbar brake...

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