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  • HKD $6,250

    Product Size : 85 - 70(cm) Adjustable Height, 35 - 50(cm) Height from sit to carpet, 78(cm) Length, 63(cm) WidthNet Weight: 22.5kg Product Description: 1.The product can be placed at home with your personal preference.2.No need to carry out construction, it can be used after simple assembly.3.It has a folding function and does not take up space.4.Use...

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  • HKD $75,000

    **Feel free to call our company for details** Retail Price:$75,000 - 148,000 Product Size: 1. Straight stage                    2. Curve stage   Product Description:1. Indoor up and down stairs lift chairs.2. With a variety of straight lines, curves to choose from.3. Made in Japan.

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