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    Product Size: 14(mm)inner ring diameter Net Weight: 36g   Product Description: 1. The chopsticks are equipped with an auxiliary ring, which can be fixed on the chopsticks. 2. Chopsticks are ABS resin, and the index finger and middle finger ring are silicone. 3. The connecting parts can be separated and easy to clean. 4. Recommended for those who eat with...

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  • HKD $245

    Product size: about 22(cm)Length, 3(cm)Handle Width, 4.5(cm)Chopsticks front width Net weight: 35g   Product Description: 1. Chopsticks are made of natural wood, stainless steel, polyurethane coating, and heat resistant ABS. 2. The product won the Japan Excellent Design Award. 3. Easy to use, material texture, design in one. 4. This is a light and stylish...

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  • HKD $268

    Product Size:19.8(cm)Length Net Weight:45g (Gram)   Product Description:1. Use in multi-purpose can be used as a spoon when to combine both sides together.2. When both ends are opened and closed at the same time, they can be used as chopsticks.3. The front end is designed with a small puncture that can be used as a fork.4. The material uses 18-8 stainless...

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