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    Product Size: 47(cm)Length, 59(cm)Width, 84 - 99(cm)Adjustable Height Net Weight: 3KG Weight Capacity: 136KG   Product Description: 1. The use of 25.4mm diameter aluminum alloy pipe, both strong and lightweight, with steel bars in the middle to increase strength and stability. 2. Pinball button height adjustment. 3. Comfortable foam sponge grip. 4. High...

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  • HKD $368

    Product Size: 52.5(cm) Width, 80.5 - 98.5(cm) Height Adjustment, 50(cm) DepthNet Weight: 4.3KGWeight Capacity: 136KG Product Description:1. Aluminum alloy pipe, light and durable.2. Can move forward or backward interactively or step by step.3. The high and low armrests are designed to facilitate multi-stage support when the user is sitting or standing,...

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