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    Product Size: 67.5(cm)Length, 64.5(cm)Width, 80(cm)Height Net Weight: 9.8KG Weight Capacity: 136KG   Product Description: 1. Aluminum alloy pipe frame, light and durable. 2. Removable polyester bag with reflective strips. 3. Handle height can be adjusted by 5 heights. 4. Easy to carry, save space for storage. 5. Closeted cloth back. 6. Fold side by side...

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  • HKD $1,780

    Product Size: 90(cm) Length, 27.5(cm) Width, 34(cm) HeightNet Weight: 6.73KGWeight Capacity: 136KG Product Description:1. Surface anodized, scratch resistant, stain resistant.2. Aluminum alloy pipe, light and durable.3. The height of the 6-speed armrest is adjustable.4. TPR anti-slip grip.5. 8 inch TPR abrasion resistant front and rear wheels.6.Detachable...

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  • HKD $2,980

    Product Size: 65(cm)Length, 59(cm)Width, 70 - 90(cm)Adjustable handrail Height(M size), 81 - 101(cm)Adjustable handrial Height(L size), 40(cm)Handrail Width, 48(cm)Backrest Height Net Weight: 8KG Weight Capacity: 110KG   Product Description: 1. The walking car grip has seven gears for height adjustment. 2. Deceleration brake button(Optional). 3. With...

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