Three-touch triangular anti-slip mat

Product Size: S - LL

                   S: 38(cm)Width X 40(cm)Length

                   M: 38(cm)Width X 55(cm)Length

                   L: 38(cm)Width X 70(cm)Length

                  LL: 38(cm)Width X 85(cm)Length

Net Weight: about 1.7KG


Product Description:

1. Synthetic rubber material.

2. Safety mat with drain holes.

3. The design with a triangular cut effect is noticeable (green).

4. Because it has drain holes, it is easier to pull up and easy to sink.

5. There is a drainage hole, and the water will not stay on the waterproof pad, which is safe and reliable.

6. Available in blue, pink, orange and green.

7. Made in Japan.

HKD $390

Length 40cm / 55cm / 70cm / 85cm
Width 38cm
Net Weight 1.7KG
Thickness 0.3cm