Refreshing toilet seat PT View larger

Refreshing toilet seat PT

Product Size: 59.5 (cm) Depth, 53.5 (cm) Width, 81.5-90.5 (cm) Adjustable Height, 37/40/43/46(cm)Adjustable Backrest Height, 19/21.5/24 (cm) Adjustable Handrail Height
Net Weight: About 18KG 

Product Description:
1. No assembly required, assembled.
2. The caster is attached to the base.
3. There are two buckets attached.
4. The left and right armrests can be pulled back(optional).
5. A gasket is placed next to the seat to fill the gap between the bed and the seat for easy transfer and safety.
6. The gasket can be installed left and right for use.
7. Japanese brand.

HKD $4,470

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Width 53.5 cm
Depth 59.5 cm
Adjustable Height 81.5-90.5 cm
Adjustable Backrest Height 37/40/43/46 cm
Adjustable Handrail Height 19/21.5/24 cm

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