Lightweight shoes(Plush)

Product Size: 21.5 - 25cm
Net Weight: 165G (Gram)

Product Description
1. Lightweight strap with adhesive design for easy wearing.
2. The sole uses "EXPANCEL" microsphere special material to make the body more light. Weighing only 165g (23cm).
3. The sole has a two-way hook-type anti-skid design, which is better for gripping and slipping.
4. The patented function of the bottom prevents the “shoulder pain” caused by the landing impact of the foot.
5. A variety of colors and fabrics to choose from.
6. Size 21.5cm - 25cm (0.5cm optional)
7. Foot circumference 3E applies 212mm - 248mm
8. Made in Japan.

HKD $580

Size 21.5 - 25cm
Net Weight 165G (克)

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