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Male Urinal


Product size: 11(cm) Width, 32(cm) Depth, 16(cm) Height
Net weight: about 0.3KG

Product description:
1. The shape of the urinary tract is designed to make the male organ easier to adjust, and the urinary opening is enlarged and designed to be oval.
2. The urinary mouth of this urinary device uses soft material in the shape of a suitable urinary tract, so it is not easy to be painful for a long time.
3. Anti-overflow valve, the double-receiving shape of the urinary opening is provided with double anti-sprinkling function. When it is taken out from the legs, when it is taken out, when it is walking, it will not spill out if it is tilted.
4. The body can be cleaned at 60 degrees water temperature, and the urine mouth can be cleaned at 100 degrees water temperature. The handrail can be up to 120 degrees. It can be recycled after washing.
5. A special brush is attached, which does not stain your hands and can be easily cleaned.
6. With a knit sleeve to eliminate the cold feeling, users, especially those with a bad heart and high blood pressure, are more comfortable to urinate when used in winter.
7. Made in Japan.

HKD $258

Width 11cm
Height 16cm
Depth 32cm
Net Weight 0.3kg

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