Double Handle Four-Foot Crutch View larger

Double Handle Four-Foot Crutch

Product Size: 30" - 35"

Net Weight: 500G(ultralight)


Product Description:

1. Aluminum alloy material, strong and lightweight material, easy to carry out, alloy aluminum with acid and corrosion resistance, and can adapt to a variety of climate and geographical environment.

2. The use of soft non-slip quality polyester sponge handle, with wear, strong stretch, good elasticity, no bad odor, safe and non-slip, delicate touch, winter contact is not cold, summer sweat dry.

3. Using the seamless whole casting process, the four-foot base is more evenly supported, and the support is stronger and more stable.

4. A double-handed use helps boost the body, and walking aids are more suitable for the elderly.

5. Adjustable height(5 speeds).

6. Available in gold and silver.

7. American brand.

HKD $368

Adjustable Height 30" - 35"
Net Weight 500G

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