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Product Size:59.5(cm)Lenght,47(cm)Width,82.5 - 86.5(cm)Adjustable Handrail Height,27.5(cm)Backrest Width,24(cm)Backrest Depth,46(cm)Backrest Height
Net Weight: 4.9KG
Weight Capacity: 80KG


Product Description:
1. The body is made of an aluminum frame.
2. One-button button for easy seat switching.
3. The front wheel has a diameter of 13cm and the rear wheel is 15cm.
4. The front wheel has two functions.
5. Fixed straight-line walking function, which can also walk straight on the uneven road surface.
6. Fix the left and right swing function, which can be fixed at 65° to swing left and right.
7. Foldable, folded to a width of 37cm.
8. A shopping bag (capacity 8L) is available.
9. Available in floral, blue denim.
10. Made in Japan.

HKD $2,163

Length 59.5cm
Width 47cm
Adjustable Handrail Height 82.5 - 86.5cm
Backrest Width 27.5cm
Backrest Depth 24cm
Backrest Height 46cm
Net Weight 4.9KG
Weight Capacity 80KG

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