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Pet and shopping dual-use shopping cart

Product Size: 88 - 93.5(cm)Height, 55(cm)Length, 49(cm)Width, 32(cm)Seat Width, 22.5(cm)Seat Depth, 49(cm)Seat Height, 30(cm)Depth after folding

Net Weight: 5.5kg

Weight Capacity: 80kg

Volume: 40L


Product Description:

1. Aluminum alloy body, light and durable.

2. Multi-section armrest height adjustment.

3. It has a safe and trivial crossbar brake function.

4. Pet bags can be disassembled for personal needs

5. Front and rear mesh windows are provided for enhanced ventilation

6. The front end of the frame is equipped with an oversized shutter exit for pets to enter and exit freely.

7. There are front and rear windows for the pet owner to observe pet dynamics through the window.

8. Open the frame and have a small chair for rest.

9. 5.5 Small front wheel. The walking direction can be adjusted at two angles according to personal preference.

10. 40L large capacity storage bag.

11. Made in Japan.

* Note: You can carry up to one pet and the pet can not exceed 5 kg in weight and cannot fold when carrying pets.

HKD $3,580

Length 55cm
Width 49cm
Volume 40L
Adjustable Height 88 - 93.5cm
Net Weight 5.5kg
Weight Capacity 80kg
Seat Width 32cm
Seat to ground height 49cm
Folding thickness 30m
Seat Depth 22.5cm
Wheel diameter 14cm

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