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Ultra Lightweight Folding Electric Wheelchair


Product Size: 90(cm)Length, 60(cm)Width, 88(cm)Height, 42(cm)Backrest Height, 45(cm)Backrest Width, 50(cm)Seat to ground height

Net Weight: 19.8KG

Weight Capacity: 100KG

Product Description:

1. 24V double motor, enough power, long life, strong climbing ability.
2. Aerospace aluminum alloy frame, vehicle weight 19.8KG, lightweight, can bear 200KG.
3. Can be on the plane, in line with most airlines on the electric vehicle wheelchair size, battery, weight and other requirements.
4. The wheelchair has its own horn horn warning function, outdoor travel reminder, and safety horn alert pedestrians.
5. When the steep slopes are let go, electromagnetic brakes stop and go, allowing easy and safe operation.
6. Equipped with a retractable anti-tipping rear wheel to prevent backward turning, effectively preventing tilting when riding a slope and turning back too quickly.
7. The start is smooth and seat belts can be adjusted with individuals.
8. Dual lithium battery, switchable, small size, can be charged independently.
9. 360° no blind spot joystick controller, one-handed operation, waterproof and moistureproof, can be installed around the user's habits.
10. Hand/electric dual mode switch, manual operation when no power.
11. Can be opened and closed armrest design, easy to board.
12. Collapsible seatback design to facilitate the caregiver to help the user to shift.
13. The double suspension system runs more smoothly and safely.
14. 3 seconds folding, can easily put into the trunk of the car to carry out.
15. With a variety of storage bags, you can put daily necessities of daily necessities.

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Length 90cm
Width 60cm
Height 88cm
Backrest Width 45cm
Backrest Height 42cm
Net Weight 19.8kg
Weight Capacity 100kg
Seat to ground height 50cm

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